Friday, November 26, 2010


Michele Ann Stands Up and Fights for the Cure

“Stand up and fight” is the rally cry for rock-pop’s next rising star, Michele Ann Salvo. Hailing from sunny, palm tree dotted Daytona Beach, Florida, the dynamic, determined, and incredibly motivated musician is leading the charge in the next wave of empowered women in the fight against breast cancer. As a current patient and survivor, advocate for Rock Pink, and supporter of the American Cancer Society, Michele Ann is utilizing her talents to generate awareness, raise money, and aid women across the country in finding a cure.

As a nurse by day and singer-songwriter by night, Michele Ann has overcome the odds on multiple occasions to continue on in her craft with unwavering will and drive. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, it spread to her trachea, leading to dangerous surgeries which left her unable to sing for three months. While the doctors couldn’t guarantee whether Michele Ann would ever sing again, she’s returned sounding better than ever, releasing her first official full length record, She’s a Rocker in June 2010.

Produced by Frank Starchak and featuring renowned producer Ron St. Germain (Muse, U2, 311, Soundgarden) mixing her first single, She’s a Rocker showcases Michele Ann spreading her wings, stretching out, and delivering 15 songs of brilliant rock-pop. Capable of both driving rhythms and heart string pulling ballads, her versatility in vocals and songwriting makes for entertaining, truly inspired music.

Michele Ann continues her unrelenting efforts with charities, most recently helping with Rock Pink’s Bowl-o-rama event, which rose over $36,000 to support research, care, and awareness. She participates and performs annually in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, and her most recent single “Stand Up and Fight,” which received a Billboard Honorary Mention Award, is officially on the event playlist for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Over time, her dedication and resilience has established her as a symbol amongst breast cancer patients and survivors, as local and national media are all beginning to take notice.

Her influence also spreads into the military supporters, as Michele Ann has a number of patriotic numbers in the repertoire, including “America Stands by You,” which is scheduled to be performed at the 2010 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention. As a mother of an Iraqi war veteran, her connection to the soldiers is as personal and realistic as possible, allowing her to tap into another massive group of supporters capable of easily relating to her music.

Visit Michele Ann’s official website and Sonicbirds page for further information, photos, and audio, including new tracks from her debut record. She’s a Rocker and both of her previous singles, “Lean on Me” and “America Stands by You” are available for purchase on iTunes now. Stand Up and Fight written by John Rainey and Michele Ann

the day after thanksgiving

(This picture from last yr my dad with his great grandson)Today, the day after thanksgiving, I spent the day with my son Justin and my Daddy in Orlando at his house. My father was sad yesterday his good dear friend and neighbor was in hospice taking his final breaths on earth. I cant imagine being his age and having to watch all of your friends die, he has missed my mother for 4 yrs now as we all do. The holidays are a reminder of all those we have lost that cannot be at the table with you but it is also the reminder of all you have had over the yrs, they are forever in your memories and heart. I looked across the table to my dad and thought is this our last yr, one never knows, I for the first time in 3 yrs was able to give him good news, though it scared me to tell fear is now that i am cancer free he will feel free to leave.....