Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Son my Hero on memorial day

This video was produced for my son Kevin when he was deployed to Iraq, many yrs ago I gave up recording and my dreams of being famous when I became pregnant with my twins. Many yrs later my son Kevin came to me and said "we've been attacked I have to go." I cried and begged and cried some more he waited a while then came to me again and said, "out of respect for you I didn't go but I have to go we were attacked." Who couldn't be so very proud of this bravery and commitment to our country and for all of us Americans, he is my son but he is your son too, they are all hero's fighting against terrorism I'm proud to be his mother, be proud of him too. Please go to this link to see the video his brother produced for his twin while he was in Iraq, the song was written by another mother of a soldier Angelia Lashley, remade and performed by me for Kevin, mixed by famous Grammy wining producer Mr Ron St Germain. MicheleAnn proud mother of an American soldier,my son, and now breast cancer survivor,Micheleann Salvo